The complete guide to configure Auto Recovery for ApplicationHA 6.0 and Backup Exec 2010R3

Well it’s certainly been a busy couple of months, October had kept me very busy what with Symantec Vision conference in Barcelona, I presented in various breakout sessions and also ran the ApplicationHA lab which showed off how to configure Backup Exec with auto recovery of VMware VMs. Then within a couple of weeks we had the VMworld conference in Copenhagen which saw great attendee crowds on the Symantec stand as well as an unforgettable Symantec party, and not forgetting the number of discussions I had for ApplicationHA with attendees which was overwhelming and very enjoyable to say the least.

So whats kept me busy the last month or so has been our newest product release, on November 7th ApplicationHA 6.0 was released and the towards the end of that week the Backup Exec vSphere management plugin was available. So for me, most of November I have been busy getting product documents, whitepapers and demos ready for the launch and with that I thought I would screen record the lab I ran for auto recovery in Barclelona and just show how easy it really is to install and configure the whole thing in under 30 mins. I have compressed the whole 1 hour lab which includes how to test the whole setup in under 15 mins, which was to save time waiting for reboots and backup and restore times but hopefully you should see how quick and really easy the whole thing is to install, configure and manage.

YouTube Link :-

for more information and to try this yourself download the plugin and trailware from

Learn What’s New in the V-Ray update for Backup Exec 2010 R3!

Symantec Backup Exec™ Management Plug-in for VMware®

Symantec ApplicationHA 6.0 trailware

Author: virtuallylg

Hello, my name is Lorenzo Galelli, I have been working with availability and virtualization solutions for Symantec for over a decade now and its amazing to see the impact virtualization has brought to the world of IT. During my time at Symantec I have worked as a systems engineer for customers big and small and seen a vast array of different virtualization projects. I am currently Technical Product Manager for ApplicationHA for VMware and KVM and I also have focus on VDI especially with Symantec's VirtualStore and FileStore technologies. Follow my blog for all things Symantec and virtualization. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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