VMware vCloud Director Technical Whitepapers for SAP with EMC VMAX, VNX and ApplicationHA

Over the past couple of months I have been busy working with the solutions architect guys over at EMC, I’ve been assisting with technical whitepapers for high availability solutions with SAP running within VMware vCloud Director environments. Symantec ApplicationHA featured quite heavily within their designs to protect and provide resilience for SAP, Oracle and SQL.

What was cool was seeing the designs being built and then certain scenarios being tested against high availability SLA requirements. We certainly put the solutions through its paces and I am proud to say that ApplicationHA operated as expected without a hitch and ticked all the boxes in the design.

If your building out a vCloud environment and Tier 1 applications like Oracle, SQL and SAP will be running within it then be sure to give the technical whitepapers a read through, they are stacked with some really useful information and have loads of best practices detailed for use in your designs.

EMC Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure for SAP: High Availability and Application Mobility VMAX


EMC Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure for SAP: High Availability and Application Mobility VNX


Author: virtuallylg

Hello, my name is Lorenzo Galelli, I have been working with availability and virtualization solutions for Symantec for over a decade now and its amazing to see the impact virtualization has brought to the world of IT. During my time at Symantec I have worked as a systems engineer for customers big and small and seen a vast array of different virtualization projects. I am currently Technical Product Manager for ApplicationHA for VMware and KVM and I also have focus on VDI especially with Symantec's VirtualStore and FileStore technologies. Follow my blog for all things Symantec and virtualization. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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