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Openstack – Configuring for LVM Storage Backend

The volume service is able to make use of a volume group attached directly to the server on which the service runs. This volume group must be created exclusively for use by the block storage service and the configuration updated … Continue reading

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Using multiple external networks in OpenStack Neutron

I haven’t found a lot of documentation about it, but basically, here’s how to do it. Lets assume the following: you start from a single external network, which is connected to ‘br-ex’ you want to attach the new external network to ‘eth1’. … Continue reading

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Setting Up a Flat Network with Openstack Neutron

This setup will allow the VMs to use an existing network. In this example, eth2 is connected to this pre-existing network ( that we want to use for the OpenStack VMs. All the configuration is done in the node dedicated … Continue reading

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Fixing Openstack Kilo Horizon Re-login issue

Fixing Horizon Re-login issue There is an issue in OpenStack Kilo with re-login because of a bad cookie session. Here is how to fix the issue. #vi /etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settings AUTH_USER_MODEL = ‘openstack_auth.User’

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